🎉 Support the Jackson Lofts

Update (4/9): The City Planning Commission approved most of the applications, and some variances were returned to the applicant, otherwise the project was approved pending appeal (10 days grace period). The applicant will be required to work with the city to improve the sidewalk, and, as a condition of sale of the city lot in… (read more)

N4MN kick-off party

Dear friends! Neighbors for More Neighbors (N4MN) is hosting a kick-off party downtown at Gluek’s, we’re inviting friends and housing advocates to get to know people, make introductions, and have some conversations about what we want the future of housing to be in Minneapolis. There will be plenty of time for socializing, as well as… (read more)

Our progressive values should include “Housing for All”

Like the cute YIMBY mascot? Buy a poster or mug of here. Standing in the way of upzoning means standing in the way of access to jobs, transit, parks and schools. Over the past few weeks a slow-rolling debate has unfolded in the Star Tribune opinions section and the Southwest Journal letters to the editor. It began… (read more)

Zoning and Planning Appealapalooza

Tickets are $0, or whatever your free time costs you Minneapolis’ hottest festival is Appealapalooza, coming up at the Zoning and Planning Committee on February 15th, featuring two appealing acts: the appeal against Sons of Norway, and the appeal for Rex 26. Want to help? Follow the links below for details! Scroll to bottom for project… (read more)

Support Rex 26’s appeal for more homes

The slight difference in the proposal that is being appealed, July 2017 (above) and January 2018 (below) Feb. 15: Appeal denied! The developer announced that their economic metrics worked out so that they would be able to make 3 of the new units affordable housing for people at 80% area median income (AMI), but they will… (read more)

Support the Sons of Norway project (Deny the appeal!)

The King and Queen of Norway approve of this project and will be attending the opening. Update (2/15): The appeal of Sons of Norway was denied and the rezoning application succeeded, the project will be proceeding as planned! Thanks to everyone who emailed, and extra thanks to those who took time out of their morning/afternoon to… (read more)

T-shirt! Upzoning the St. Paul logo

While we mostly haunt Minneapolis, our immediate next door neighbor St. Paul is as dear as it is near. We know a few cool YIMBYs who live there, and tirelessly show up to represent our generation’s needs in housing and planning battles. The St. Paul city logo presently features a row of single family homes,… (read more)

Restore the name Bde Maka Ska

One of the best views in town is from Bde Maka Ska Update (11/21): Bde Maka Ska made it past a committee vote, 4/3. For: McLaughlin, Greene, Higgins and Goettel, against: Callison, Johnson and Opat. Next step: Full board vote (same members as above) Tuesday, 11/28. You can help by emailing your county commissioners in support… (read more)

Support the 24th Street Bikeway

Update 3/28: People sending in public comments have heard that Public Works is not recommending the use of bollards: make sure to ask for bollards in your comments! Update 3/21: The next Transportation & Public Works meeting is on the 27th, according to the project website, this project will be up for approval at the… (read more)

Email signup & Housing Events Calendar

Enjoy this poster? Buy it here! Our policy goals Mailing list sign-up MSP Housing Events Calendar (or: iCal link) Donate to support us? Reserve a yard sign Some recent successes with organizing support for housing projects have shown the power of a well-networked group of housing supporters. If you would like to keep in touch via email, sign up for the… (read more)