Support Neighbors For More Neighbors

Thanks for your interest in supporting Neighbors for More Neighbors!

We are a group of volunteers who are passionate about these issues. And we welcome your financial support so we can fund more of this work! We are now our own (albeit still very smol) organization now so we can take donations directly! There are a few ways to donate:


Click here to donate via PayPal! Like any fundraising org, we love recurring donations, but everything helps!


Write out to Neighbors for More Neighbors. You can mail it to us at 221 1st Ave NE, Unit 26, Minneapolis, MN 55413. Or better yet, come to an event and hand it to us in person, we would love to see you!

Boring tax stuff

We are no longer a 501(c)3, nor do we have any plans to become one in the future. This means that donations to N4MN are NOT tax deductible.