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Enjoy this poster? Buy it here! Our policy goals Mailing list sign-up MSP Housing Events Calendar (or: iCal link) Donate to support us? Reserve a yard sign Some recent successes with organizing support for housing projects have shown the power of a well-networked group of housing supporters. If you would like to keep in touch via email, sign up for the… (read more)

? Peris needs funding from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund (success!)

Preliminary project rendering Congratulations! The meeting today was a success for the Peris, which will receive a small amount of money from the residual funds left in the AHTF after all projects are awarded ($87k), a staff directive was passed by CM Frey to find another $500k by Q1 of 2018, which would likely then… (read more)

Support Eight on 44th appeal in Linden Hills

Not injurious. Update (11/8): the developer of the project is appealing the decision to allow a 3 story building: the developer had asked for a conditonal use permit for 4 stories, as this is what is economically viable. Skip below to the appeal/comment section to find out how to help. Over the past year or… (read more)

Oppose the Homewood Historic District

The Homewood District (small blue box) with areas of concentrated poverty from Hennepin County datasets (shaded area) Over the past year a proposal for a historic district in the Homewood area of North Minneapolis has been going through the process, and will come up again for review by the Zoning & Planning Committee on Thursday, Sept… (read more)

A campaign for “ignored voices” — not really

Saralyn Romanishan entered the race for Ward 10 City Council, framing her campaign in a recent Southwest Journal profile as one of “ignored voices”. I’ve written elsewhere about Romanishan’s approach to local outreach (see: Wedge Club, 2014), as have others. It’s worth noting that she, and her family and friends, have long been the sole… (read more)

💡How can Minneapolis improve its housing policy?

When we went from publishing memes to doing advocacy work in 2017, we published this post as a policy grab bag of things Minneapolis could or should consider pursuing. Since then, we went on to advocate for the Comp Plan, publishing some updated policy reviews of individual topics: Housing Displacement, Expanding Ownership, Housing & Development… (read more)

Did you see “Don’t Coon Rapids Northeast”?

A flier recently began circulating in response to proposed housing near Dusty’s bar, on Marshall and 14th, entitled, “Don’t Uptown Northeast”. Amongst the complaints, are the typical: not enough parking, too tall, shadows, neighborhood character, etc. People seem to say this about every new proposal to add people to a neighborhood, but that doesn’t make… (read more)

Poster from the Dept. of Neighborhood Interiors

This postcard recalls famous vintage National Parks posters. The Department of Neighborhood Interiors is tasked with protecting the character of our neighborhood interiors. They promote single family sprawl to places where new construction couldn’t possibly shadow anyone’s backyard — our national parks. We often hear that apartments aren’t green. The Department of Neighborhood Interiors is here to… (read more)