Final Update on Minneapolis Built Form Zoning Regulations

Over the last two months, Neighbors for More Neighbors has been taking action as Minneapolis City Council updated zoning rules to align with the Minneapolis 2040 Plan. We organized around this issue because zoning rules have a major impact on the number of homes that can be built in our city. Here is the update… (read more)

ACTION Alert: New Minneapolis regulations need your input again

Neighbors for More Neighbors originally organized in support of Minneapolis 2040 because we believe in building enough homes for everyone in our City. Part of the promise of Minneapolis 2040 is again at risk – and we need you to act, again! A few weeks ago, we asked you to take action on Minneapolis’ updated… (read more)

Comment on the Draft Built Form Zoning Regulations

On December 8, the Minneapolis City Council’s Business, Inspections & Zoning Committee will meet to consider new built form regulations to align the zoning code with the Minneapolis 2040 Plan. Neighbors for More Neighbors, along with a coalition of local organizations, signed on to a letter to call for specific changes to the zoning code… (read more)

The Minneapolis City Council is about to update the zoning code. Will it allow for more affordable, multi-family housing?

This post was written by N4MN volunteer Amos Budde. When many people imagine housing for a family, the stereotypical image is a single-family home and expansive turf yard. And in many cities and towns around the country, minimum lot sizes and zoning requirements ensure that the only options available to families are single-family homes on… (read more)

Will Minneapolis 2040 Live Up to its Promise?

[Crossposted from] The City of Minneapolis invites comment on the Built Form Rezoning Study through October 19th.  Minneapolis spent 2018 discussing the merits of the Minneapolis 2040 plan. As a city, there is wide consensus that we face three critical and interconnected challenges: Racial disparities Poor and worsening housing affordability Climate change No one policy or action… (read more)