Your N4MN Monthly Update – November 2023

We are excited to announce that we are hiring!!

We’re hiring a paid, part-time State Policy Task Force Project Manager & Volunteer Coordinator on contract (10-15 hours per week) to:

a) provide support for the work of our volunteer-led state policy taskforce and

b) recruit and manage volunteers

We’d love to see you (or your friends/family) apply! Who do you know that we should know?

Apply by Monday, November 20 at 9pm. Full job description here

November Member Social – 11/16

Come hang out with your abundant housing-loving friends at Malcolm Yards for our monthly member social. The Market at Malcolm Yards has dining options from Asian to pizza to vegan delights with a self-service beer and wine tap. RSVP HERE

Renter’s Rights Forum Tiny Update

N4MN was invited to host a table at the Renter’s Rights Forum last month on October 11th  in partnership with Windom Park Citizens in Action & 9 other neighborhood organizations. We were thrilled to have hearty conversations with the attendees and learn about more opportunities to support renter’s rights.

State Policy Task Force Update

Our current State Policy taskforce has taken the winners from our Sept 21st Shark Tank event and turned them into the following core policies that we are pursuing in 2024:

Point Access Blocks (Single Stair Reform)

Parking Minimum Reform

Land Value Tax

Creating Housing Abundance Near Transit Corridors

Set Consistent Baseline Zoning Rules

We are now working on pursuing change at the state level in the next legislative session.

N4MN is co-hosting a Land Value Tax event (details below) next week, and future events may also include testimony training, messaging workshops, and showing up for abundant housing at the Capitol in person! We hope to see you at the next state policy meeting on Monday nights. If you want to get involved simply reply to this email.

Land Value Taxes: Webinar

Join us on Nov 15th at 4 pm to hear State Representative Steve Elkins and Daryl Fairweather discuss how housing intersects with climate, clean transportation, and equity. 

At our webinar next week, you’ll learn about Rep. Elkin’s bill to “Legalize LVT” – Land-Value Taxation districts. LVT can help build more vibrant, sustainable communities by replacing empty lots with grocery stores, shops, and much needed housing. Building up a little (instead of sprawling out) protects green space around our cities and towns, and allows shorter trips for walking, biking, driving, or hopping on a bus or train. 

N4MN is co-hosting this event alongside Common Ground USA Minnesota Chapter, Sustain Saint Paul, and Sierra Club. RSVP HERE