Announcing N4MN State Policy Summer Camp

Intro to State-Level Advocacy

Kick-off event: Thursday 6/1/23, 6 PM, at The Commons Park (by US Bank Stadium)

Neighbors for More Neighbors is hosting State Policy Summer Camp. At camp, our members will learn how to contribute to state policy change. 

Neighbors for More Neighbors has organized for abundant and secure homes in Minneapolis, so all our neighbors can have a stable home. People deserve the option to live in the neighborhood they choose – and not everyone wants to live in Minneapolis. Other states are passing laws ensuring every community plays their role in providing secure and abundant housing. This inspires our members and we want to explore if we can be part of something similar in Minnesota. But, first, we need to learn how policies get passed in St. Paul.

In the spirit of summer camp, sessions will be informal, outside, and interactive. Each session will end with the participants naming a couple of key ideas and 1-2 actions for N4MN. These sessions will be building blocks to create a strategy in the final session. 

Everyone is invited! Drop in for just one session, or come to them all!