Action Alert: Sign up to be a Delegate

Precinct caucuses are a critical step in the 2023 Minneapolis City Council elections, and there’s a final deadline in two weeks! Minneapolis will have a council that supports abundant, stable, accessible homes for everyone in Minneapolis, only if you and your pro-homes neighbors show up on or before March 14th.

What’s a caucus?
Let’s take one step back. Party endorsements have a big influence on voters. Endorsements are made by delegates at conventions, which might take place in person or online through a video meeting or a form. BUT only convention delegates, who are chosen at caucuses, have a say.

What does N4MN want me to do?
Two things.
First: Complete the caucus form.
Second: On that caucus form, select the option to sign up to be a delegate!

Why is this important?
The City election is hugely shaped by the DFL endorsement process & that endorsement is awarded by the Ward convention delegates. They determine who, if anyone, has the words “DFL Endorsed” by their name. In Minneapolis that is a big advantage for candidates.
To be clear, Neighbors for More Neighbors is not affiliated with any particular party. We hoped to include info to caucus with the GOP, Greens, and any other party we could find. But in Minneapolis, we can find no other party that endorses candidates for City races. (If you find info on any other party endorsing process, please forward it!) And, that is why participating in the DFL process is so important!

How do I become a delegate?
In 2023 participation is extremely accessible and in most Wards the process is entirely online via forms. Please note, Ward 12 & 13 are being held in person.
You can fill out a non-attendee form to sign up to be a delegate today at this link.
To have a say, you must sign up to be a delegate by selecting the below option:
Additional details:

Check out the DFL website for the most up-to-date information here: DFL

Candidates are still announcing that they are running, so sign up to be a delegate no matter what ward you live in. As of today, we know Ward 3, Ward 5, Ward 6, Ward 7, Ward 8, Ward 12 (in person only), and Ward 13 (in person only) are contested.

Don’t know your Ward? Find out here!