Unlocked by Minneapolis 2040: Behind-the-Scenes Sundial Building Tour & Fundraiser

Feb 7th, 5 pm – 6:30 pm

Minneapolis 2040 re-legalized the Sundial Building building design. The team behind this climate-friendly project wants to thank Neighbors for More Neighbors for our advocacy. They’ve invited us to tour what we made possible. N4MN members will be mingling throughout the evening, answering questions about our work. Heirloom Properties will provide light refreshments from Butter. 

Reserve a spot for your behind-the-scenes look! You’ll see the building and the soon-to-be-hidden super-efficient mechanical equipment.

This tour is also a pay-what-you-can fundraiser for Neighbors for More Neighbors. The proceeds will pay staff supporting the volunteers that lead all our advocacy. 

Tours are 20 minutes, please RSVP here to reserve your tour slot (5:10, 5:30, 5:50, or 6:10). Suggested donation is $50/person.

More about Heirloom Properties vision:

  • We believe that real estate developers and property owners should be local and understand their neighborhood. 
  • We believe in the power of walkable, human scaled places, where new buildings have a timeless design that fit in with their surrounding block. 
  • We believe it is an imperative to create environmentally sustainable buildings that make it easy for its occupants to be wise stewards of energy and water while also producing energy and food on-site. 
  • We believe our own neighborhood is the best place to invest our own funds to support our own local economy. 
  • We believe that new housing should be provided in between the luxury market rate developments and affordable tax credit projects by creating small-scale walkup buildings that cost less per unit to build and naturally provide a diversity of housing choice.
  • We believe that in an era where many residential buildings are built and sold to large real estate investment trusts or holding companies, there is an ever-greater need for local building owners who are responsive to our community. 
  • We believe we should pass these values down to the next generation.