Defending 2040: Your Quick Update

image looking up at a tall building, two stone towers connected by glass, the Hennepin Co Government Center
Hennepin County Government Center, photo by Kevin Joseph

The Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan is currently in court and under attack, and Neighbors for More Neighbors is fighting to make sure this pro-housing plan is fully defended.

Last Friday, July 1, Neighbors for More Neighbors, in partnership with allied groups, filed a leave with state district court for our joint amicus brief in support of the Minneapolis 2040 Plan.

You can review the case documents here (Case # A22 – 0852)

What happens next?

  • This Friday, the 8th, the District Court will consider the City’s request to stop enforcement of the Order it previously made enjoining the 2040 plan. A decision may be made during the hearing – but even if it isn’t, we should find out quickly. If the City prevails, it means the 2040 plan would be back in effect (at least temporarily).
  • Friday’s hearing won’t impact the appeal, which is now in the briefing phase. The city’s brief is due on or around July 30th. Amicus who are supporting the city will need to file within 7 days of the city.  The respondents (the plaintiffs) will file after, no later than the end of August.
  • After briefs are submitted, there will be an oral hearing, the date of which hasn’t yet been set. Once there is a hearing, the court is required to issue an opinion within 90 days. But we can’t count on a hearing shortly after briefs are due – the court may be scheduled for some time into the future.
  • After the Court of Appeals makes a decision, there’s a high chance the decision is appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court. This thing isn’t over anytime soon!

Additionally, this Thursday, July 7, we are hosting a briefing with local media. We will update them about where the 2040 plan stands legally, how it could affect other Minnesota cities that could be subject to the same interpretation of state law, and provide context for any breaking news on the 2040 plan.

What can I do to get involved?

As the case works its way through court, we are collaborating with allied groups to highlight the equity, social, economic, and environmental benefits of the Minneapolis 2040 plan. We are just getting started, but below is a starter graphic to get you started on social media. You can tap and hold to copy the graphic or click the links below the image to go to the corresponding social media post and share that too.

Tell your story of why a pro-housing Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan makes the future of you, your family, and your community more vibrant and equitable using the hashtag #my2040. More Neighbors will share your posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, so be sure to follow us at @moreneighbors on Twitter and Instagram.