Our 2040 Work Isn’t Over Yet

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Let’s defend the Minneapolis 2040 Plan (again!) from the status quo!

You may have heard that last week a local judge ruled the City of Minneapolis must immediately stop enforcing the 2040 Plan. Three groups filed a disingenuous lawsuit claiming the 2040 plan needed an environmental review before the city passed it, contradicting the scientific consensus that greater density is an important tool to protect our climate and our air and water quality. The judge asked the City to respond before making a final ruling.

This is a big deal and extremely disappointing. Many of us feel disappointment, frustration, and anger – especially knowing how hard we worked to bring the 2040 Plan to the finish line. 

But it is not a disaster, it is an invitation – for both the City and Minneapolis 2040 supporters – to step up and make sure that positive momentum continues for the 2040 plan and everything it supports: abundant homes, affordability, climate action, and racial & economic justice.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This is urgent. The judge gave Minneapolis until August 14th to respond, which is less than two months from now.
  • We have a small rapid response team working through a clear action plan.
  • We need your help to refine and execute that plan. 

In the next 5-6 weeks, can YOU help us with any of these items?

  • Legal – We need a few people who are lawyers or have legal training to give an hour or two to review court documents and advise us how to proceed. 
  • Communications – All kinds, but especially writing. We need to write several items (emails, articles, potential legal docs, etc.) in the coming weeks.
  • Project Management – Do you love deadlines, making lists, organizing spreadsheets, and reminding friends when things are due? We need you!
  • Partner Coordination – If you love talking to nonprofits, advocacy groups, housing organizations, and business owners, this one’s for you. We are re-engaging and supporting a coalition of groups that will stand together in support of 2040. 

If any of these items are in your wheelhouse, please email neighborsformoreneighbors@gmail.com and cc our volunteer coordinator Alexa at alexabobyak@gmail.com.

Can’t help now or with these items? That’s OK. Thanks for being a supporter of abundant homes for everyone in Minneapolis, and stay tuned to learn more about the next steps.