N4MN in the Strib!

Screenshot of an op-ed by Anna Morrison Nelson and Sam Rockwell titled "2040 is an environmental plan"
Occasionally the Strib actually publishes op-eds by people who want to move the city forward, rather than freeze it in time

N4MN’s own Anna Morrison Nelson co-wrote an Op-Ed in the Star Tribune this week with Sam Rockwell (well known to zoning nerds from his time on the Planning Commission). In it they highlight all the environmental benefits of the plan:

[…]the plan calls for the city to:

– “Disincentivize driving” by increasing the “availability and attractiveness of public transportation and nonmotorized modes” and “reduce vehicle miles traveled.”

– “Improve enforcement of noise [and] after-hours work … ordinances.”

– “Reduce vehicle related emissions” and use city cost-sharing to “encourage businesses and residents to use cleaner technologies … [and] reduce emissions from energy sources.”

– “Implement … quantifiable goals to increase the tree canopy.”

– Implement “localized treatment of stormwater using boulevard swales [and minimize] the extent of paved surfaces.”


As they point out in the article, the case for the 2040 plan being a huge boon to the environmental and climate impact of our city is a slam dunk.

If you want to get involved, we’re looking for help to defend the plan from those who would rather see us stick to the unsustainable status quo. Let us know what you can help out with!