ACTION: Support New Public Housing in Minneapolis!

Next week, Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA) is proposing 46 new homes, across 8 different sites. Additional public housing will be proposed on 8 additional sites in the coming months. These buildings are “missing-middle” sized (fourplexes and six-plexes), and contain 2BR and 3BR homes. We need your support to make sure these homes are built!

These homes will be affordable to those who need homes the most. As with any new multi-family housing, there is the strong possibility of opposition. We need you to let the Minneapolis Planning Commission know that this city needs to build more public housing.

How to help

Send a short email in support of these projects (even two or three sentences will do) to the Minneapolis Planning Commission. This project’s hearing is Monday, November 15 at 4:30pm, so make sure to get your email ASAP. The complete meeting agenda is available here.

Andrew Frenz (City Staff) —

Here is a complete list of addresses where new public housing is being proposed:

​​1030 Lowry Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 1)

1600 and 1606 Penn Ave N, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 5)

2015 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 6)

2021 24th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 6)

2425 16th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 9)

2220 38th St E, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 12)

5633 34th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 12)

5139 Penn Ave S, Minneapolis, MN (Ward 13)

If you can testify at the Planning Commission on Monday, November 15, at 4:30, that’s even better! You can sign up to testify virtually here! Select “Board or Commission” under Meeting Type, then selection the November 15 Planning Commission meeting. This option currently only allows testimony for a single project, so we recommend choosing the “1030 Lowry Ave NE” project, as that will likely be the first public housing project on the agenda.

Talking Points

  • I support this project.
  • MPHA currently has over 8,000 families on a waiting list for public housing. These new homes would help alleviate the burden on our public housing system.
  • The rezonings requested by these projects are supported by the 2040 Plan.
  • If you’re comfortable saying where you live, and you live in the area, say so
  • Building more public housing is consistent with, and supported by, the Minneapolis 2040 Plan.
  • Public housing belongs in every neighborhood, and these proposals help achieve that goal.
  • These small-scale homes are appropriate for the neighborhoods they will be built in.

Sample Email

Hello, my name is _____, I am a member of Neighbors for More Neighbors, and I live in Ward ___. I am writing today in support of the proposals by the Minneapolis Public Housing Authority to build new public housing on various sites in the city. Adding more public housing is essential if we want to allow families at all income levels to live in Minneapolis, and the system is overburdened. In addition, building this type of housing is consistent with the goals and policies outlined in the Minneapolis 2040 Plan. Please support public housing by approving these new homes.

More Information

All residents in existing single-family homes on these sites will be able to return after construction is complete.

All units are available to households at 30% or below of AMI. All residents (current and future) will pay 30 percent of their income as rent.

MPHA is the long-term owner and operator of these properties.

While temporary relocation of current residents during construction is a concern, we are encouraged that residents are being supported, are involved with input on the projects, and will get to return to living at each site with no increase in rent.