N4MN is Seeking Volunteers!

Neighbors for More Neighbors is kicking into high gear, and we’re looking for volunteers to carry us forward over the next 12 months. 

We’re all keenly aware of our city’s racial disparities and the growing number of people living without homes. There are many reasons Minneapolis has not addressed these issues. We are working for change on two of those reasons: we’re not investing enough in affordable housing, and our city’s regulations make it hard to build enough affordable homes. One way you can take action is volunteering with Neighbors for More Neighbors.

Where do we go next?  How do we effectively communicate to engage more people?  We need you to help answer these questions.  

Below are descriptions of a few volunteer roles we need to fill.  Reach out to me at ejsorum@gmail.com if you have any interest in being involved.  Please respond before August 18 to get things underway!


Researcher (1-2 volunteers)

Researchers will identify specific housing projects or policies that deserve support from N4MN.  Each researcher will find 1-2 items per month over the next 12 months, which will be matched with a Writer to be put into the form of an Action Alert.  As the backbone of many of our efforts, this role will be a long-term commitment, requiring a few hours each month.  

Action Alert Writer (10-12 volunteers)

Do you love checking grammar and putting things into concise sentences and bullet points?  Then you’d love being an Action Alert Writer!  Action Alerts are the emails sent out to our member base, putting our goals and ideas into simple actions citizens can take, such as contacting Council Members to express support for a housing development.   Writers will be assigned to a month of the year that is convenient for you.  When your month comes up, information on one or two issues will be provided to you, and you will follow a premade format to create Action Alerts for each issue.  This is a small time commitment, but we are looking for people we can count on!

Social Media Content Creator (1-2 volunteers)

These volunteers will commit to creating regular content on the N4MN Facebook and/or Twitter accounts.  This would be a larger, long-term commitment for someone who wishes to have an essential role in spreading our message.  We could also use a photography-oriented person to make occasional contributions to our Instagram account.  

Events Committee Co-Lead (1 volunteer)

Our excellent events committee is seeking another committed leader to create and promote successful events.  This task would require attendance at monthly meetings and Member Socials.

We are planning big things for 2020-2021 – and we hope you can join us!