We Need You at City Hall for Mpls 2040

The Minneapolis 2040 comprehensive plan is approaching a critical moment and we are asking for your help!

The City Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the plan at their October 29th meeting:

4:30 p.m., Oct 29th
City Hall, Room 317
350 South 5th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55415
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If you can’t make it, you can also comment
with the city’s SurveyMonkey form.

Can you join other N4MN supporters and attend this meeting? We need to visibly show support for the comprehensive plan and are asking our supporters to wear PURPLE at the hearing. Our PURPLE presence at the public hearing will send a strong message to the commission — as well as journalists and the City Council — that supporters are taking time to show up for this important meeting. We expect this to be a long meeting so if you can only attend a portion, that’s just fine! Come early, come later, just come and show this plan has your support!

We are also looking for volunteers to provide testimony at the hearing! If you are willing to share how the comprehensive plan will impact you, please send us an email. Not sure you have anything to say? We have some talking points to assist, but remember the most effective testimony will be your personal story!

For those willing to testify, we will set up a meet-up the weekend of Oct 26–28 for an opportunity to coordinate and share ideas. Email to stay in the loop.

We truly grateful for all the time, energy, donations, love and support you have shown for More Neighbors!

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