T-shirt! Upzoning the St. Paul logo

While we mostly haunt Minneapolis, our immediate next door neighbor St. Paul is as dear as it is near. We know a few cool YIMBYs who live there, and tirelessly show up to represent our generation’s needs in housing and planning battles.

The St. Paul city logo presently features a row of single family homes, and housing policy there just happens to be dominated by affluent white single family home owners who turn up at all the meetings in overwhelming numbers to delay and block needed multi-family housing. White single family homeowners alone do not reflect the makeup of St. Paul, and St. Paul contains a large percentage of renters and people who live in multifamily housing.

As such, we upzoned the logo to a row of low-rise apartment buildings to reflect the values on St. Paulites lawn signs (you know, “All Are Welcome Here”, not those “Stop The Ford Plan” ones that negate all the progressive messages and occasionally appear in the same lawns).

You can buy the shirts on our Teespring store (they’ll be available forever– the countdown is simply when the next print happens). If you feel like we’ve missed a type of shirt or you see a color you really want, let us know!

Also available in YIMBY baby size.

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