Avocado Toast

Some rich bozo decided that the only thing preventing millennials from owning a home is an inability to budget properly, due to splurging on silly things like avocado toast.

This analysis ignores some other things preventing millennials from finding affordable places to live: lack of housing supply, which leads to higher prices and rents; low wages; health care costs; and decreased desire to live in the suburbs where housing is cheaper. Not in fact, daily budgeting habits.

But there’s a housing proposal that brings together the things millennials love most: downtown living, avocados, and cheap rent. With over 2000 units in this poorly constructed apartment complex, rent is cheap. And because nobody has ever correctly identified a new apartment building as anything other than “luxury condos,” we think The Avocondos is the perfect name.

Beach towel version of this available for sale at teespring.