Fauxgressives Quarterly

Progress can be scary. The only thing scarier than progress is looking like you’re opposing it— that can be downright embarrassing. Fauxgressivism needs a rebrand to transform regressive messages into progressive ones. This will make it less embarrassing to engage in shameless concern-trolling of planning commissions and zoning committees with things that just feel right.

Millennial NIMBYs

Though despised by baby boomer NIMBYs for demanding cheaper housing, more jobs, and better transit, the “entitled” millennial generation has its own fauxgressive concerns about housing. When new development comes for their favorite, slightly more affordable cool neighborhoods, some millennials join in with rich landowners to scream “gentrification!” From listening to the complaints, you’d think sprawl was greener than more housing on a transit line. Facts are less important than the feels.

Baby boomers might be barely listening to our concerns, but there’s still hope for the millennials though, especially if we talk to our friends about zoning.

You want more housing? Well, F.Q.